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So much choice!

Local Restaurants


Agriturismo L'Uliveto is just 10 minutes walk down the hill from us and holds a very special place in our heart. It is where we first stayed and fell in love with this beautiful part of Italy.  Pietro and his family welcome you to their table where each course is traditional local cuisine.  There is no menu; it is like a feast of freshly prepared dishes and you never leave the table feeling hungry.     

Trattoria Dal Pagano

La Torretta Casoli, situated on the edge of the Lago Sant Angelo is another family run restaurant that prides itself in offering a traditional menu and a meat feast for the evening menu.  Rosita is your hostess and Gabio, the Chef, ensure your experience surpasses expectation.  The quality of the produce is superb and if you decide on a steak it will be your according to the weight you want.

La Macina

Did someone say Arrostocini?  No trip to Abruzzo can end without trying Arrostocini, succulent pieces of lamb on a skewer cooked over coals and seasoned with salt or spices such as the sweet pepper from Altino. The Pecora Matta in Guarenna can tempt you with so many varieties and flavours, you will need more than one trip to sample the menu.

Agriturismo L'Ulivetto

Ristorante Trattoria Dal Pagano, is a family run restaurant in Palombaro run by Chef Leonardo.   Traditional cuisine features on the menu, all prepared using delicious fresh local produce, with lots of choice and the specialty dish, Le Vrache di Mulo has to be one of my favourite dishes.  With views overlooking Lago Sant Angelo it is a delightful restaurant.

Ristorante Bracceria La Torretta Casoli

Alternatively, why not try Birreria La Macina in Pennapiedimonte.  A quirky little bar that was once an olive press set in the rock face in the hilltop town of Pennapiedimonte.  Lina and her family serve delicious homemade or artisanal local produce with Belgian beer on tap.  To avoid disappointment it is best to book a table beforehand.

pecora matta.jpg

There are many other wonderful places to experience fresh local traditional cuisine in and around the neighbouring  towns of Casoli, Bocca di Valle, Fara San Martino, Guardiagrele, Altino, Orsogna and Guarenna.  




The wines produced in this region with a denomination of controlled origin (DOC) are the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC, the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC, the Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo DOC, the Abruzzo DOC and the Villamagna DOC. 


We can recommend some wonderful vineyards nearby that produce some of the best Italian wines.  Some vineyards offer the opportunity to sample and enjoy these marvellous wines and we would be happy to arrange a visit for you.

Wine tasting
Wine and Vinyards
Cheese & Porchetta
Porchetta at a festa



Local Markets for fresh produce, Cheeses and Porchetta

Nearly every town holds a local street market where you can wander and find fresh local produce such as cheeses, cold meats, fresh fish, breads as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables.  

You will be spoilt for choice when deciding upon which cheese to buy and most likely you will come away with more than once choice made either with cow or goat's milk.  The variety of soft and hard cheeses make any diet go out of the window especially when you try the caciocavallo, giuncata, ricotto and scamorza to name but a few.


Don't forget to try any one of the many pecorino whose distinctive flavour varies according to where it is produced,  particularly the famous pecorino di Farandola.  Don't worry if there is no room in the fridge, we can always find a space in ours!


When you come to Abruzzo, you must take the opportunity to sample the famous porchetta, suckling pig that has been boned, seasoned with garlic and herbs, and roasted, typically sliced and served as a filling in sandwiches. It is delicious and the best bit for me is the crackling.  

There is nothing quite so satisfying as buying local produce for the evening meal, juicy tomatoes, fresh beans, greens or salad, full of flavour with a drop of extra virgin olive oil, pressed just down the road from us.


We can always provide you with a list of when and where the markets are held.

Local Casoli Market
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