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Our Restoration Project

We found a beautiful house in need of much love and restoration and turned it into our dream home.  At the moment, we can offer accommodation for four people.   Work will begin in 2021 during the Covid lockdown period to convert the cantinas into an additional ensuite room and a separate kitchen.   We have created a tranquil place to stay that is something special for adults.   We love it so much that we want to share that experience with you.  

With special thanks to:

Geometra Libero Professionista: Pino Di Simone

Muritore:  IIonut Constantin Crauciuc / Vito Di Santo

Impianti Elettrici: Nicola Colacarlo

Impianti e Manutenzione: Giovanni Di Nardo

Finestre:  Finnamore 

Musica: Dominic Mercer, Elements Music Productions


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